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Entry #2

New art

2012-01-18 13:02:55 by bangsongirls

Have my first work or art up in the art portal after being scouted last week.
I have a fuck ton of animation to do for a client this week, so I just wanted to warm up with something fun. gsongirls/what-is-this-nymph1


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2012-01-18 17:09:14

Thanks for joining us here at NG! Glad to hear you're busy and hopefully getting paid a fair wage for your craft.

(Updated ) bangsongirls responds:

Thank you, it's good to be here.
I have followed ng since it first went up, many years ago.
I finally felt like I wanted to be a contributor and not just a consumer.

I get paid, I have eleven years of work history, so I know what kind of client are worth working for.

On that note, I hope to submit some flash soon and I hope people enjoy it because this is a venue that I can just have some fun with and not worry about getting paid, but just do stuff I want to do, and i hope others with get some enjoyment from it as well.